Animal Health Officer vacancy in Ekiti State

Job Category: Healthcare
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Ekiti
Company: Promasidor

About Promasidor

Promasidor is an African company proud of our heritage and totally committed to the continent. We manufacture, market and sell unique brands which bring practicality and pleasure to millions of consumers across Africa.

Job Description

Job Purpose / Objective

  • Achieve highest levels of animal health of all animals in the dairy herd at IDF.

Key Responsibilities

  • All aspects of feeding and nutrition of all animals in terms of applying the best practices to achieve best animal performance in milk production and reproduction at the most profitable level, achieving best quantity and quality levels of feeding the dairy herd and all young-stock, constant monitoring and improvement.
  • Monitor, detect and treat all animal health and disease issues in any and all animals at IDF promptly, cost effectively and efficiently.
  • Apply management to all animals to achieve highest levels of cow comfort.
  • Train, manage and apply the work force to achieve highest utilization of the manpower available.
  • Apply all machinery and equipment to achieve highest efficiencies of the use of these
  • Recording of any and all events keep neat hard copy records and transfer these onto electronic records.
  • Monitor, assess, weigh and record all and any amounts of feeding.
  • Regular reporting and liaison with the Veterinarian on all aspects of animal health.
  • Follow all and any instructions of the GM in full and on time.


  • Qualified in any aspects of bovine and dairy cow performance.


  • Experience and practical application of dairy management.

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Animal Nutrition
  • Animal health
  • Calve rearing
  • Milking management

Personal Attributes:

  • Honest
  • Dedicated
  • Reliable
  • Positive attitude
  • Willing to learn new skills and task.

How to Apply

To apply for the above position, please click on the link below. Please ensure to apply according to the instruction provided in the box below. Any other form of application outside what is stated will not be entertained.

Interested and qualified candidates should Click here to apply online